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Our service goes much further than just designing a web page. Included in our package price are:

  • Design of the web page.
  • Buying the URL and setting up at a web host.
  • Registering the business in “Google Business”. A good representation in Google Business is often more valuable than the webpage itself.
  • SEO – Search engine Optimization
  • We will watch the performance of your page for the next 2 years and try to improve your traffic and ranking.
  • Small changes on the pages are at no cost for a period of 2 years. Thereafter we might charge a small fee.

Kilua Beach Resort

Mombasa Go-Kart

Maasai Resort

Nauras Towers

Severin Craftsman Training Center

Atlas Travel World

Eddie's Safari

Kenya Fishing

Palo Alto

Barefoot Beach Camp

Music Moves



Besides simple web pages we offer also more complex solutions including databases,real time displays, web shops and payment support, Bulk SMS and E-mails, etc...

  • Complex pages including:- Web shops, ticket sales, etc.
  • Database solutions
  • Management systems like a school management system
  • ERP - Electronic resource planning

School Information System

Recruitment Agency Web-Page

Interactive Web-Application for Karaoke Hosts

Reporting System for a Go-Kart track

Clinic Management System

Severin Training Center Management System

School Information System

Take a look at our fully customized school information system. It is an off the shelf product which provides user-friendly dashboards with login access for all related users. It has various features that facilitates all the processes of your institution .


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Mombasa, Kenya