About The Web-Page

Candidates applying for a job:
They can apply through a web form. The web form allows upload of documents like ID, CV, Cover letter, certificates and recommendation letters. The candidates fill the form and submit it. When submitted the information is added into a database and can be managed by admins. Candidates can then be invited for an interview. There is a status that explains the situation of the candidates, like new, verified, interviewed, mediated, rejected and withdrawn. Job applications can be sent to employers automatically through email. The email includes the impersonalized data plus attachments like documents.

Job applications:
The employers fill out a form where they can design their job advert and upload it in the data base. This is then accepted by the admin and appears on the home page with other adverts.

Back office:
The uploaded forms from job applications and adverts are stored in a database. In the back office all data is accessible through forms and viewed in tables. The data can be edited and deleted by an admin if necessary. Remarks can also be added and job adverts are enabled so that they appear on the front page.